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It's been forever since I posted last. I almost forgot I had this blog!

Kids are getting big! B just turned 9 and C will be 6 in May!

I started fostering dogs for Ratbone Rescues in Feb 2009. I have already fostered and adopted out 8 dogs! We also added another dog to our family. We got Callie in Oct 2009. She is a 2 yr old Jack Russell and we got her from a local shelter. She is AWESOME!!

My newest things to make me happy besides good ol red wine is my new Iphone 3gs. I think I want to marry it. K got one too. He likes it but I think he misses his touch pro 2. Eh

Anyway just thought I would post since I actually remembered my log in info! lol


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That was fantastic!

Billy Joel......he was fantastic! His voice was spot on and his piano playing was out of this world! He is definitely a musical genius! Very entertaining and he did 25 songs in 2.5 hr concert. I am surprised I am not hoarse today from singing and screaming! lol If you ever get a chance to see him and you are a fan, DO NOT hesitate! I am in a Billy Joel Coma! lol

Here are a few pics.......

And some videos......

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Billy Joel!

Kev and I are goin to the concert tonight and I am THRILLED!!! I'll try to post about it tomorrow! :D

billy joel

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I'm still alive!

Good grief! I had no idea it has been so long since I posted!! Things are going fine here. I just turned 30 in Feb, had a fun night out and am not too freaked out by my age! :D The kids are doing great. Brenden is just doing so fantastic in 1st grade. He is too smart for his own good! Claire is just as busy as ever. She will be 4 in May! Can you believe that! She is all signed up for Preschool next year. Kevin is doing great. He just got back from Chicago last week for a work thing. He lost a good friend in Feb so that was rough. Only 34 yrs old. Life can be just too damn short! :( We also lost our dog Shultzie in January. I cried I know for 2 weeks. It was hard as hell losing him. Our hearts have mended some with the help of a new little guy. We rescued him shortly after shultzie died. I had not planned on getting another dog so soon but I just had to take in this guy and he has been great. He is a Parson Russell Terrier. Just a long legged Jack Russell. He is so lively and sweet. I just love him to death! So much fun! We named him Cooper. :) We are planning a trip to Colorado in July for Kev's grandpa's 90th birthday. It's pretty much gonna be a huge family reunion. Kev's stepmom and I have become even closer the past year. We now try to have a girl's night out once a week and then I go help over at their B&B on sundays which is fun anyway. We clean and then chill out with a beverage or 5 of choice! lol We have been on a kick of trying all kinds of different ethnic foods. Kev and his dad are a lot alike and are some what picky (more so Kev than his dad) so we take off and do these things together. We also have plans to do some things we have not done before so I am looking forward to a fun year! We all spent Christmas together at the B&B this year and it was fantastic! MIL and I refer to it as PC (Perfect Christmas). We have all these codes. So if I were to say, RETOSL, she would know what it means! Don't you wanna know?! lol Oh and American Idol is back on of course! Gotta love that! I'll leave you with some new pics, you know you wanna see! :D

Ohhhhhh I have to add that Kev got us tickets to see Billy joel in July...I am SO SO SO damn excited! :)

Halloween 2007


Me, I'm 30 yay! lol

Christmas card picture 2007

Mr. Hotty Totty Hubby Wubby! lol

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I got inked!

I have been talking about getting a tattoo for a few years now but was always too chicken to do it since I am a certified WUSS! Well I finally found a design that I knew was the one I wanted. It's a celtic shamrock and the petals look like hearts. There are 3 of them which to me symbolize Kev and the kiddos. I had heard the pain would be horrid since I was going to have it on my foot. I almost chickened out because of the pain aspect but I was determined because I REALLY wanted it. To my surprise it didn't hurt anywhere near what I thought it would. I winced a couple times but that was it. The worst part was the stinging when it was all over but that stopped after my meds kicked in. So I have some pics I'll share with you. I am so glad I did it! I told my mom that I did it and she had a cow. Of course I am 29 and was like well it's my foot and my tattoo but I think she thinks it's a sin. Insert *rolling my eyes* here. lol everyone loves it though! :)

Ok on to the pics..

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Ok, Sunday after having a couple beer's and watching some Nascar, MIL and I decided to go have Sushi and a bottle of wine. Now you see the many sides of me. Actually MIL and I are alot alike. She is one of my very favorite people to hang with. People laugh at that but if you knew her, you'd wanna hang with her too. Really, you would! lol It was the first time we had sushi and we ordered alot of "veggie" sushi. The raw fish thing just wasn't for us. It was really good though once we figured ouot what the hell we were doing! lol

Tomorrow is 2 weeks till Brenden starts school. For that I am excited. I will miss his company but the sibling fighting I most definitely will not miss! Ugh!

Ok so you know I have pics! As for my Flickr account, I deleted it. I found out that some people were admiring my son in NOT a good way. F'ing sickos! :(

Ok time for SUSHI!! :)

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And some eye candy of Juan Pablo Montoya! Check out those arms! I wonder if he would take me on a test drive? Did I really just say that?! YES!! lol

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Totally stressed today! I need a drink in the worst of ways! I don't wanna go into it really but I was stressed about the situation at first but now am totally relieved and happy about the situation. Weird huh? lol

Anyway I have been doing some cleaning and will try to do the rest tomorrow. Some guys from our church are coming over for "Men's movie night". So I am trying to get this place in shape. After I am done cleaning the house more tomorrow and making a grocery run I am taking the kids to dinner and maybe a movie. Something to get us out of the house so we can leave the guys alone. Sunday I am going over to the B&B to work after 1st service at church. I am looking forward to that. You laugh but I like to work over there and it's quiet!

Vacation was nice bu I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see. I think we are going back down at Thanksgiving. We haven't had a holiday with my family in a few years so I think we are gonna try to make that work.

Ok I still have a booming headache from this day. I am ready for a glass of wine and to go to bed! lol

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